Why does CSA continue?


Initial disclosure is not done


Abuse continues


Child now feels trapped and thinks:

I did not tell anyone when it first started. How can I tell them now?

Everyone will blame me for not resisting or not telling them earlier.

I feel too ashamed to explain all this to my mom/dad/teacher.

Maybe it will stop.

The abuser, emboldened by the silence, goes ahead.

Satefy Club organize numerous workshops in the area of Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

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Why is the prevalence of CSA high?

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Children are often told:

  • 1.

    It is better to forgive the person and forget what has happened instead of confrontation.

  • 2.

    Adults are worried that name and family’s reputation will be tarnished.

  • 3.

    People around them will target and bring shame upon their family’s name in the society. 

  • 4.

    Children are taught to respect their elders, obey them, and do as they say.

  • 5.

    We only believe with proof so, we often ask what proof do you have? 

  • 6.

    Lack of proper vocabulary to explain, shame and fear of initiating a topic that is not spoken.