Our Work

At Safety Club, we work in the area of prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by educating children, teachers and parents about being safe.

As a result, we have conceptualized and created tools, which are not only engaging but also informative for them.

The tools include

  • The Safety Club book
  • An Animated video for children
  • Teacher training videos


2013 – Chandana Raju & Sumana Rao started the foundation.

In its first year, the Safety Club team researched how children are taught about child safety around the world. And then, we authored a children’s book titled ‘Safety Club’ to teach children about good touch & bad touch. 

2014 – Building the curriculum

We created a teacher training video to help teachers conduct safety workshops. The Safety Club book was translated into Telugu, Urdu & Hindi. We also developed an animated film about safety for children.

2014-2019 – Grassroots work to get feedback from implementing the program at schools.

We trained over 1,28,000 children by conducting safety workshops at 980 public schools in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana. This helped us get feedback from school authorities on the effectiveness of the curriculum & the safety club book. It also helped us design engaging materials for children. 

2020 – Safety Club goes online to extend its reach across the country.

We developed a user-friendly, value-added website to empower parents and teachers with resources to help children around the country. These resources are available online for everyone to download and use at homes and in class rooms.

2020 and beyond

  • We are publishing our tried and tested materials online and making them widely available to everyone.
  • .We are working on translating the materials to various regional languages.
  • We are updating the materials with the latest research findings. 
  • We are collaborating with traditional schools and online training vehicles to make our content accessible to children around the country. 

Your support helps sustain the foundation’s research, enabling thousands of children to learn to keep themselves safe every day. Thank you for your support.

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