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Our Journey

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Safety Club Sahas Foundation is a Non-profit organization that trains children between the age group of 2 to 8 on basic safety skills.

Statistics show that over 60,000 children in India die from accidents every year and many more are injured and disabled for life due to accidents that can be prevented. 1 in 2 children (53% of boys and girls) in India face some form of abuse while growing up.

A Handy Tool

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Sumana Rao

Children are our future

Help them

There is no formal training that a child goes through in India to be aware of a good touch or a bad touch, and how to react when someone makes you uncomfortable. While parents are protective of their children and will give their lives to keep their children safe, they do not have a handy tool or book to review and explain the safety concepts to young children with ease and without inhibition.


Chandana Raju

Children are our future

Help them

Keeping the above facts in mind, the founders – Chandana Raju and Sumana Rao wanted to empower children with safety skills so that children can be safe in every situation. As a 1st step to the solution, they authored a children’s book called “Safety Club”. This child friendly book contains attractive illustrations, and small and witty poems to engage children. It can be used as a tool by parents and teachers to educate children on critical safety skills.

Safety Skills Book for Children 2 to 7 years

A Safety Guide

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The book covers topics that include safety at home, on the road, safety when the kids are on their own and finally makes the children aware of their responsibility to keep the planet safe. The book also contains important numbers to remember, phone and internet safety and finally activities at the end that can help them internalize safety concepts. The illustrations are so intuitive that a young child between the age of 2-7 will be able to see the visuals and grasp the concepts. It was also done keeping in mind children who cannot read yet due to their age or literacy, so they can understand the concepts through the illustrations even if they cannot read.


Shilpa Reddy

We researched several safety programs in US and India to come up with an effective safety skills program that can be implemented with the young children of India. We started Sahas Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the goal of empowering every child across India with safety skills. One of the main goals of the foundation was to educate underprivileged children who have limited knowledge and awareness of the safety concepts.

Our Journey

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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to empower every child in India with safety skills, so they can be safe always.

Our Goal:

To empower children with safety skills and to increase awareness for child safety in local communities.

How we empower children with safety skills

  • We conduct workshops and distribute Safety Club books in schools.
  • Safety Club takes the ‘train the trainer’ approach and sends teacher training kits to teachers that request training kits on our website.
  • The book is also available on flipkart. The proceeds from the book sales are used to distribute books at no cost to underprivileged children across the country.
  • Sale of books to schools: The books are sold to private schools at a nominal cost.
  • We partner with organizations such as Round Table, Rotary Club and others to organize safety drives at schools.


Individual sponsors can adopt schools of their choice based on their budget.

Corporate Sponsorships:

We are looking at Corporate Sponsors to adopt communities and sponsor kids in schools within the community.

Background about the Founders of Sahas Foundation

Chandana Raju completed her MS in Project Management from George Washington University, BE Civil from Hyderabad C.B.I.T. She is a director admin/HRD for PLRC, a family run business, focusing on real estate/construction for over the last 50 years.

Sumana Rao has done her MBA and MS in Information Systems from University of Texas and works as a Global Product Marketing Leader for Trimble a company based out of California.