The Work We Do

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Save Child from Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

Facts Myths & more about CSA. Very informative for Schools, Teachers & Parents

Teacher Care Givers Education Tools

Teacher Training Material

All Schools, teachers and care givers can access this information for free, educate themselves and then educate their kids as well

Help Children Indian Foundation

Break The Silence

Workshops for Parents, Teachers, Support Staff and children in and around Hyderabad

Child Helpline Night and Day

Child Helpline & Services

Promoting child protection and child rights for our children is consequently a crucial issue, both internationally and nationally

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The Area We Cover

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  • Telangana District of India


  • Karnataka District of India


  •  Andhra Pradesh District of India

    Andhra Pradesh

Students Trained Safety Skills
Students Trained
Schools Covered Non Profit Foundation
Schools Covered
Commitment Year Satefy Club
Year of Commitment
Covered India Area Non Profit Foundation
Areas Concerned

The Help We Need

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Become a part of Safety Club’s great big family


Sponsor a school of your choice for a safety workshop and we will send them the safety club kit (books, brochures, teacher training cd and any other to empower…


Do you believe that every kid has a right to safety? But just don’t have the time. All you need to do is write a check to ‘Sahas Foundation’…


Thank you for exploring volunteer opportunities at Sahas Foundation. You can join us to empower children with safety skills. We need help in several areas including…

EVERY child deserves to grow up feeling safe and loved

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Always be aware of news and current events of the Safety Club.

Safety Skills Book for Children 2 to 7 years

Safety Club Book is available on Flipkart at ₹50

Workshops for Parents Children Hyderabad

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Who Are our Premium Donors

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