“Safe and Unsafe“ Touch

You can teach your children about safe and unsafe touch without intimidating them by following the simple steps mentioned below. Teach them that their body is theirs’ alone; covered by their swimsuits are their private parts and no one is allowed to touch those parts.

Safe Touch

Ask them “Does it feel good to be hugged and kissed by the people you love.”
Do you like it when mummy gives you a hug and kiss after you wake up?
When daddy gives you a goodnight hug and kiss?
When Grandma and Grandpa or cousins and friends come to visit and everyone gets hugs and kisses?

Tell them that these are all safe touches.
Teach them that a safe touch is one, which makes them comfortable, warm and loved.

Unsafe Touch

A touch that makes one feel uncomfortable is usually an unsafe touch. Tell your child that they don’t have to keep it a secret when someone gives them an unsafe touch.

Teach them “Your body belongs to you. Nobody should touch you if you don’t want to be touched.”

Teach your child about an unsafe touch

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  • N°1

    It is an unsafe touch if it hurts you.

  • N°2

    It is an unsafe touch if a person asks you not to tell anyone about it or to keep it a secret.

  • N°3

    It is an unsafe touch if someone touches you on your body where you don’t want to be touched. Usually those are the body parts covered by your swimsuit.

  • N°4

    It is an unsafe touch if a person touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • N°5

    It is an unsafe touch if that touch makes you feel scared and nervous.

  • N°6

    It is an unsafe touch if a person forces you to touch him or her.

  • N°7

    It is an unsafe touch if a person threatens to hurt you, if you tell someone. Tell them ‘Your body belongs to you, respect and take care of your body, you can decide who can touch you, who can kiss you, or who can give you a hug’.

  • N°8

    You have the right to say, “No” to anybody, even if it is a family member, friend or cousin.

  • N°9

    If someone touches you in a way you don’t like, shout loudly and say ‘No’. 

  • N°10

    You can scream loudly, tell the unsafe person that you don’t like it and you don’t want to be touched.

  • N°11

    Get away from him/her! Run away from the person whose touch you don’t like.

  • N°12

    Call for help. 

  • N°13

    Tell a trusted adult. The trusted adult should be above 18 years and be in a position to help you.

  • N°14

    When a person touches you and asks you to keep it a secret, that person is unsafe. Tell a safe person about this immediately. 

  • N°15

    Don’t keep secrets that make you feel uncomfortable. Go to a safe person. It can be a parent, a relative, a teacher, or your doctor, or police. If the people you go to do not believe you, go to someone else you are safe with, until someone believes you and helps you.

  • N°16

    Do everything you can to stay away from the unsafe person. Don’t stay alone with a person who touches you in a way that makes you uncomfortable or makes you feel unsafe.

  • N°17

    Don’t let threats scare you into keeping quiet.

  • N°18

     Assure the child that they did nothing wrong.